Affection from Heart

Imagine, if you have a son, what toys will you buy for him? And if you have a daughter, what toys will you buy for her? I bet that you might be thinking of legos or trucks for your son, and barbies for your daughter.

You might be thinking of pink for your daughter and blue for your son. This is a mindset that is very difficult to change. Why? This is often the mindset of parents: colors, toys, and clothes are often being decided for children as soon as the gender is revealed.

As we can see, most of the parents unintentionally introduce gender inequality to their kids. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls, hard work is for boys, easy work is for girls. Why? Why? Why?

You should give all types of toys to your kids, no matter whether they are girls or boys. You should buy barbies and trucks and legos for them to play, indiscriminately to both genders.

If your son plays with barbie dolls, he’s still your son, he’s still your child. You should love them because they are your kids. Not because they fit a certain gender role. After all, your children love you unconditionally.

Jan Krieger says, “I gave barbie doll to my son and he dragged it around and across the room, if he’s a gay I don’t care about it. No matter what I will always love him, he’s my son.” This is a really powerful statement from Mr. Krieger and it shows that he is a person that loves people for their heart, not their appearance or identity.

We should show love to our children by not limiting them by gender stereotypes 

Let them explore/discover themselves

Feel comfortable and accepted.

Love is not what the mind thinks, but what the heart feels. Make love from your heart, not your mind.

Author: Chimean Hav

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