When we feel confident, we hold our head high and shine. When we feel scared, we lay low. Often times, we just shine after the storm passes because we were too afraid to dance in the storm.

Challenges are inevitable yet conquerable. We often blame ourselves when results appear to be unsatisfying. However, have we asked ourselves whether we have put forth our best effort?

Dyna Chhem, 13, a student from the Liger Leadership Academy, stated, “I was desperately afraid of failing.” She continued, I had never been anywhere new, I always avoided challenges and risks.

She has an enemy that is always by her side. A cozy, quiet, and comfortable enemy: fear. The type of enemy that allows her capabilities to grow to a certain level. Living beside the enemy allows her to be minimally successful as those successes were those she ascertained and are easily reached; however, if only she lets go of it, she’ll realize the unlimited power and potential that lies beyond her limits.

As she maneuvered through obstacles that hinder her growth, she began to imagine what it would be like if she steps away from that enemy that has always held her back, if she gets out of the boundary that limits her.

That was a big turning point in her life, when she discovered that her life is limitless. She started reaching for dreams that she once felt unattainable. She is aware that being uncomfortable to become comfortable is arduous, but it is certainly worth taking a shot.

Dyna described herself as a shy girl who has a lot of fears; writing was one of those. Her brain froze when it comes to forming sentences. She once turned in a plagiarized work to her literacy facilitator and she began to lose grip of her grades and school. Public speaking is another one of her fears. Every time she lets a word out, skepticism clustered: “what if I’m wrong”, “They are judging and criticizing me right now.”

However, that was her thinking before stepping out of the boundary. Now, she is able to stand in front of an audience of hundreds presenting about her journey towards emancipating herself from her fear and, perhaps, inspiring others to do the same.

As the talk comes to an end, this young lady summed up by saying, “Always remember one thing: “You won’t be able to succeed if you stay in your comfort zone.”

It’s not just that. By regularly learning to take risks and reminding herself to always have a growth mindset, she has became a happier person. That is Dyna. This story from her hopes to inspire readers on a regular basis that life is limitless and it’s up to you to dive through pains in this infinite world to become the best version of yourself.  

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