Magnifying the Beauty of the Thriving Campus

The Liger Leadership Academy is a place bursting with opportunities and activities. Often times, we focus on the obvious outcomes and beauty that we ignore the small and oblivious ones.

Liger campus is composed of busy ecosystems, from little bushes to big mango trees, and from little insects to even squirrels. The students and staff have adjusted our eyes to the environment and sometimes might ignore the beauty of it. Only when visitors come do we realize how the natural aspect completes the beauty of Liger.

The following close-up photos are for bringing those little things to our attention.

Before Liger become a diverse campus, the land was once a mango farm. Still standing today, an abundance of mango trees spread across the campus. Starting in November, little, fresh, green mangoes start to hang from the branches, and that’s when most people crave for some sour snacks.

Another sour fruit that can be found on the campus is this gooseberry, referred to in Khmer as “kon-tout.” Unlike the mango trees, it is not as abundant on the campus. This succulent fruit hangs off its branch in clumps which make it so satisfying to look at.

Aside from the fruit, there are neat bushes around the campus stationed along the pathway to the senior campus, this plant is extraordinary because of the green to red ombre.

Similarly, these red flowers appear along the pathways throughout Liger. They may remind students of our childhood since this is a common plant across Cambodia. Children commonly pull each stem out to suck the sweet nectar hidden in them.

These red flowers add a touch of color to the green cloud of branches as we walk out of the main building. Hanging from big branches, they are among the bizarre looking plants.

It’s not every day that we decide to observe little organisms like these ones in action. But it’s hard to ignore once we really get our eyes on them, but wonder about their movement and interaction.

Plumerias permeate their sweet aroma as we approach a few spots on the Liger campus. The elegance of the white and yellow petals amplifies when the dark green leaves shed seasonally.

“Paper flower” obtains its name from the delicacy of the petals. Coming in a few different shades of red and pink, this flower embellishes many sites at Liger, such as the upper deck—a space for assembly— and the senior campus’ gazebo.

Every morning, these water lilies bloom as if they have awoken. The pop of pink makes these flowers the focal point as we enter the gate. This temporal charm gives off a peaceful vibe at the beginning of the day.

Appreciation is a core value for students and staff at Liger. Part of being appreciative is acknowledging every person that has put their effort into making Liger a better place. That said, we recognize the work that the gardeners have committed into making this campus more appealing. No matter how busy we are, we should be paying attention to those small details, as our country director, Dominic Sharpe, would say, we need to “stop and smell the roses.”

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