Rika Chan, 14

Editor and Writer

“Future career is the first reason I joined this exploration. I wanted to improve my writing skill by experiencing variety of writing styles.

Because there are not a lot of school newspapers in Cambodia, my teammates and I want to establish a new angle by writing through teens’ perspectives. Therefore, the articles can also spread different awareness to those people.”

Chanmalika Rith, 17

Social Media and Website Designer

“Spreading information is necessary. At Liger, most of the projects are focused towards establishing changes whether it creates small or big impacts. Though having so many records of these changes, not everything has been displayed through our websites or social media. I want to be involved in this project to create a website to cover the changes Liger has created.”


Sopheak Thy, 17

Editor & Writer

“There are lots of stories but many need to be told. I want to give them a chance and want to tell the story.

For example: there are many things that are happening at Liger, however, we sometimes lose the connection to the important information. By this, I think that we can open up to each other more through discussions and our point of views.”

Puthea Kimhan, 15

Editor & Writer

“I think that writing articles and designing the website will expand my understanding and import new skill. It also help Liger by reaching out to people and become more well-known.

My purpose for Liger Edge is to help Cambodia by raising awareness about problems and open it to discussion.”

Thathiny Tep, 16

Editor-in-chief & Writer

“Because I have the passion to  write and read, I want to spread this love by producing writings that interest various people. I believe that people will fall in love with reading when they can read about what they love.

By writing news, I give voice to the subjects that I write about. Despite the fact that Cambodia is a small country, I want to project the beauty of this country by writing about it.”

Cara Shelton


“I wanted to encourage and empower students by giving them a voice through writing. A lot of things are happening at Liger, and I think Liger Edge will be a great platform to deliver information to a larger audience.

Liger Edge can be an inspirational place for students to start writing and also helps everyone to understand Liger life.”