No Pain, No Gain

“Simply Win All,” is a quote on the SWA ultimate frisbee team shirts. The team believes that if they try their best, it is easy to play against other teams. SWA Ultimate Cambodia is the first mixed-gender frisbee team in Cambodia. They started in 2012 and is now still running with training every weekend. SWA was involved in the 8th Mekong Cup 2018 in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, on the 20th and 21st of October. Mekong Cup is a non-profit tournament that helps to develop frisbee and encourage youth to play ultimate frisbee. There are  9 teams from 5 different countries such as Thailand, Lao, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Cambodia that participated in the event.

The team members of SWA have always kept in mind, “during this tournament, we will try our best and our goal is to be in the finals, just like we did in the last Mekong Cup in Vietnam.” During the Mekong cup in 2017, SWA reached the finals and got 2nd place.

This year they wanted to be the first!

The captain for SWA team, Sovannareach Yeoung, said, “Mekong Cup tournament was the biggest goal for SWA to participate.” This was why he always kept the team energy and encouraged everyone to train hard and focus on the games.  

One of the SWA members, Sopharuth commented, “The reason behind SWA winning is that we trained really hard. We cheered up each other, and one more thing is we played by our heart for our teams and our country, and we still keep training more, and to have more people come to join us, to win more trophies.”

One of the new players, Raksmey James,  expressed, “we went through a long journey together to get the Mekong Cup Champion. That’s why everyone was working even harder to get 1st place. It was our first time to win this regional trophy, so it was a good step to win others.”  He encourages all Cambodian youth to participate more in Ultimate Frisbee because he always believes that the younger generation is the future of ultimate frisbee in Cambodia.

By Sreypich Khon

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