The 1975: Surpassing the expectations of a band


The 1975—formed in 2002 in Wilmslow, Chesire—rises from a little-known band to one of the most ubiquitous bands today. If Queen was the most prominent British band that tops album chart across the globe, then the 1975 would be their descendants, creating edgy pop songs that perfectly resonate with the listeners’ ears.


“I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it,’’ the band’s second album released in 2016, will definitely be the 1975’s most melodic and nostalgic album of all time as it reminisces the 90s vibe while also incorporates a modernist soul. Its aesthetic and lyrical rendition provide the listeners with a piece of art to deconstruct and to ponder. To answer the existential questions of what the songs mean, we would need a magical tool beyond human expertise to dissect Matthew Healy’s psyche.


Matthew Healy, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, is the band’s gem. While being gifted with a unique talent in approaching lyricism, he also possesses a beautiful falsetto voice that will definitely melt our hearts. It’s a type of voice that can calm your soul right before it hits the storm.  


And this band is so much like the band Queen. Why? Both bands have their unique ways of merging different genres in the most contemporary way possible during their respective eras. Both bands wrote lyrics to songs that are mysterious; they leave the interpretation of the meanings to the listeners. And both bands really have their ways in performing. When Matthew performs, it’s the way he moves that attractively captures the audience. The way he moves, the way he sings, the way he voices his emotions are a perfect combination that titles him an artist.  


Matthew, performing at The O2 Arena on January, 19, 2019 in London. (Source: BillBoard)


In a live performance of Somebody Else, I was amazed by how a break-up track can be so elegantly portrayed. He has a characteristic of a quirky guy which resembles Freddie Mercury of Queen. Contrasting Somebody Else, Love me conveys a funky vibe that beautifully serves to harness love and trust from their fans. Then, we have A Change of Heart which is just a masterpiece of pop, R&B, and ballad.


Overall, the sophomore album, holistically, is a medium to explore Matthew’s state of mind. In an interview with the Guardian, Matthew explained, “A lot of our songs are snapshots, but that’s very much a story. There’s a sense of resignation to it – depression is part of my family history. An identity crisis, the deconstruction of relationships and my struggle with consumption – those have dictated the narrative.”


This album topped both the UK and US chart when it was released, and the 1975 continued to rise into fame since. Their latest album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationship, continues to break the norms of conventional methods of creating music. 


With so many controversies surrounding the music industry today, the 1975 proves that we can still find a genuine and melodically gifted band that is willing to pour all of their emotions into crafting their songs and, in addition, willing to put the effort to deliver those songs. Because of them, quality music still exists.


Written by: Rika Chan


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