The Metamorphosis

Everyone talks about change all the time but not that many seem to understand what it personally means to them.

“Change means life to me,” Dom, the Liger Leadership Academy’s country director, defined what change means to him.

Change is a constant part of life. “If you can understand, deal with, learn from, create, and develop change, then you are well on your way to mastering life,” Dom further explained how change intertwines with how we can take control over our own life.  

Change is essential to every life on earth. We need to learn to adapt because it’s a pattern that nature is forced to encounter. This means that we need to push ourselves to move past our comfort zone as well as taking risks. We should also allow ourselves to explore new boundaries and learn from our past experiences in order for us to grow and stay strong.

“Let’s take your experiences from life and let them come through yourself,” My advice to the reader.

In relation to this, let’s take a look at my example of how change has completely and positively transformed my life.

From Egg to Larvae

Since I was born, I would not ask for anything from my parents, except for education. When I was three years old, I would pick up books, magazines, newspapers, and smile to my family and pretend to know what I was doing in order to show that I was capable of going to school.

Enrolling in grade one in the government school was tough but I had a feeling that I wouldn’t let my family down. I promised myself that I would work twice as hard to fulfill my family’s goal. Yet, I was unsure about how I would accomplish the goal that my family had set when I wasn’t even fully aware of my capabilities.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, and identify who you are and work on the steps to change and find opportunities to lead the way,” my grandfather advised me before he passed away.  

Moving to the Liger Leadership Academy was a really big shift and a lifelong experience. It has changed the mindset of who I am, and what I want to become in the future. Dom expressed his opinion about me – “I don’t believe Meng Huoth Lim would have discovered his true passion or potential if he had not come to Liger.”

Even in a world full of opportunities, there are still limitations for many lives on earth. In my life, I would not have had a lot of opportunities to study and meet different types of people if I hadn’t come to Liger. I would have studied in the morning and in the afternoon, and on days when there wasn’t a class, I would have helped my parents on the farm work–planting crops. If I wanted to further my education, I would have taken the path to become a monk. My life would have been different when I grew older; I would have gone through life living in a pagoda to further my education.

From Pupa to Adult

The change begun since the day I walked into the Liger Leadership Academy. When I got this opportunity, I knew I would have more chance to discover myself since Liger Leadership Academy allows students to be involved in projects that include teamwork and also make external connections. Each day would consist of building experiences that I had never imagined I could do.

When I started school, I only knew a few careers, including doctor, teacher, businessman, engineer. Even then, the opportunities for me to pursue these careers were limited at the time. When I came to Liger, this academy opened up my mind to how many possible careers there are besides these; there many more: archeologists, architects, architectural managers, archivist, art directors and more.

The first project I was involved in was making toys out of cardboard. My mind was blown with the products that I could make from cardboard that I used to ignore when I was home. Then I realized this could be a real job/career. After the project, I continued creating toys from cardboard. My mindset had changed; I thought even a small item like cardboard has the power to change someone.

Being at the academy for six years, I got to know myself better. I’ve been using my critical thinking, problem-solving, and I am determined to fight over my fear and problems in every situation.  

Change has shaped me to be more independent, motivated, hard-working, and understanding about my personal growth. Growth mindset has guided me to go through these years of education. I believe that looking for opportunities at this young age is the perfect way to pursue change.

By: Meng Huoth Lim

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