“We believe that one empowered individual is capable of changing the world around them.”

Liger Leadership Academy

The Liger Leadership Academy’s curriculum—which mainly encompasses project-based learning—aims to transform young and vibrant Cambodian students into world leaders which also known as “change agents.”

“Project-based learning” and “Change agents” are some buzzwords that circulate in the Liger Leadership Academy as well as worldwide. Project-based learning obliges students to learn diverse skills in an authentic and engaging way. Through these projects, the students are able to immerse themselves into their passions; “they’re doing real work for something, somebody or some real purpose”, said Jeff Holte, the education director at Liger Leadership Academy.

In some parts of the world, especially Cambodia, we face a common inadequacy of idea dissemination. There was a lack of knowledge in many different areas because people aren’t aware or don’t have a deep understanding of those topics. This drives the second step of gearing towards “change”; after we changed ourselves on the ideas that we believe in, how do we promulgate those seminal ideas to empower other individuals around us?

“Sharation” is an example of  Liger Academy jargon that derived from the words “share” and “celebration”. It is an event that occurs at the end of each academic term. Sharation is an interactive event in which students share about projects they worked on or are working on and participants can directly interface with them. Through this event, the guests can discover more about this extraordinary academy and its young promising students.

October 5th marked the first Sharation event of the 2018-2019 academic year. There were nine projects cumulatively from both cohorts—seniors and juniors—out of numerous projects that the students had undertaken. The projects that were shown in the event range from business to science and to multimedia: Journeys of Change, Liger Edge, Khmer Sight Foundation, Healthcare System in Cambodia, Solar Suitcase, Publication of the Geography Book, Community Documentary, Community Traveling Theatre, and No Single Use of Plastics.

One of our Junior’s “Explorations” (another of Liger’s jargon meaning projects) is on eliminating single-use plastics in the campus. They implement an idea in which they provided all students and staffs in the academy a reusable bag. They have made statistical analyses comparing the benefits of normal plastics bag and reusable bags considering both environmental and financial aspects. Plastics have become an essential part of our daily lives, but a harmful existence for the environment. Therefore, eliminating these products is a daunting task. However, their confidence and rhetorical speech during the presentation touched so many people and we all were incredibly impressed.

The students with their reusable bags

Another story of change would be about a senior’s project in which students have initiated and developed business called Journeys of Change. Journeys of Change (JoC) is a cultural bike tour by our students in which tourists get to experience an extraordinary side of Cambodia. This bike tour gives insights into Cambodian daily lives as well as the history and culture of the country. Furthermore, this tour also focuses on being environmentally conscious and training our students—the tour guides—in responsible tourism while supporting the local people in those areas.

Samnang (male, business manager) and Sreypich (female, head guide), presenting about Journeys of Change

By the end of the event, everyone was blown away by the positive energy, enthusiasm, and confidence of each of our students. Everyone walked away that day with a better insight into our academy, our students, and our vision in changing Cambodia.

It was an incredible honor and we were extremely blissful for having all the guests at the event. We would like to express a big thank you to all participants for devoting the time in attending our event and we hope that you will come again to our next Sharation event by following us on our social media to get updated. Your support will continue to encourage us to pursue our passions and lead the country in a positive direction.

By Rika Chan

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